Why Michael?

His journey from the brick mason to chemical engineer to success coach, allows him to connect with a diverse global audience. Michael combines practical business experience, deep wisdom, research and heartfelt stories to inspire others to achieve greatness.

His speaking style is real, conversational, practical and entertaining. He embodies creative spirit and will often delight his crowd with interactive games, song and dance. Michael will leave you feeling alive and with the knowledge and direction you need to get everything you want in life.



the warriors path to success

What does it mean to be a warrior for your purpose? Everyone has a purpose and is meant to fight for it. Very few leaders fail to maintain a consistent passion and vigor necessary to make their wildest visions a reality. Through personal stories and Universal principles, Michael will help you begin to develop a Warrior Mindset and reach the next level of success. 

Freeing the creative spirit within

Creative spirit is the force that DaVinci, Shakespeare or Beethoven accessed to create their masterpieces. We can access that same force when we have the right mindset. Michael will share his research and guide you through his 4-step process to free your creative spirit and create your master work.


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escape the matrix - make the world your home

Total freedom is gained by challenging every paradigm you hold dear. Very few leaders are willing to do this and experience true liberation. These beliefs keep them trapped in their current business strategies, living situations, relationships and understandings of the Universe. Michael gives you the mindset and practical tools you need to free yourself and experience the full potential of life.

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the art of sales

Sales is an art form. A creative act of service. You are dancing in the moment with another Being to support them in moving towards their life’s mission. Mastering this art form is the most important skill you can learn. Michael will show you how to do it easily and authentically. 

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