Money Magic! Masterclass

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who understands that your results are an effect of your mindset and  “who you’re being,” and you’re finally ready to transform your life into one of personal freedom, pure service and epic profits…

Discover why making money is easy, and free yourself from struggle, self-sabotage and toxic subconscious patterns.

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Hi, I’m Michael Miller and I have a question for you:

Can you feel something internally blocking you from having the wealth you want, but can’t quite figure out how to move past it?

I get it. I felt that way for years before I discovered that there is a simple solution.

There is a set of principles and Laws governing the Universe that allows you to bring prosperity into your life or keep it out.

And your understanding of these Laws and the way that you apply them using your Conscious Mind, is what will determine whether you are financially wealthy or not. It will determine your entire experience of the world and how healthy your business becomes. 

There is a proven method, proven principles, and a science to getting rich that millions of people have used to become wealthy.

If there is a gap between what you want financially and what you currently have, and all you need is a map, someone to show you the way and give you a little bit of a kick in the ass, then this course is for you.


Money Magic is a 15-week course designed to skyrocket your income: to help you charge rates you’ve never charged, ask for things you’ve never asked for, and call in incredible clients who feed your soul.

We'll work on increasing your confidence so you feel free in your sales conversations: to live with peace of mind, trusting that you will achieve all of your goals; to have an inner knowing that you can create however much money you want, whenever you want for the rest of your life. 

What I teach you about these Laws, these principles, and how to implement them into your life will not only change your business in the next 15 weeks, but will change your business forever and create a lifetime of prosperity.

You will be able to apply these Laws to other areas of your life: relationships, health, creativity, family.

You will be a better vessel for Creative Spirit to work through, so that you are creating your legacy, you are living your mission, and you are on purpose in each moment.

Let’s get it done together.

If financial prosperity is a top 3 priority right now, let’s do it.

Class Details

Start date: Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 12pm EST

Class Time: Weekly, Tuesdays at 12pm EST

Cost: Enroll by 5pm EST November 15th and it's $495. (normally $895, a $400 savings)

Length: 15 weeks

Where: Online Teleconference 

Communication and Community: You can email Michael questions directly and there will be a private Facebook group. There will be no live Q&A during phone calls.

Materials: All calls will be recorded and available to students. Each student must purchase the book “The Science of Getting Rich”.

Enroll by November 15th for $495