Part Coach. Part Healer. Part Firestarter.

I offer behind-the-scenes support to spiritual teachers, visionary entrepreneurs, and coaches. Highly intelligent people who forge their own paths, pushing boundaries that have never been pushed before.

Visionaries face challenging decisions on a daily basis. Typically, they face them alone. But every leader needs a trusted confidant to help realize his or her grandest imaginings.

George Washington had Alexander Hamilton. Oprah Winfrey had Gayle Kole. Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak.

And you?


You’ve got me.

I devote myself to your success and advancement each and every day, directing time and energy to cultivate progress that transcends business and relationships.

We’ll focus on three things:

Waking up - spiritual work and mindfulness.

Building up - emotional work and wellness.

Showing up - mental work and the harnessing of your expression and creativity.

Most coaches focus on just one of these areas, but I know you’re seeking something deeper. Something mystical and profound that's beyond the money, beyond improving your relationships and beyond happiness - though these things will come. Something beyond systems and methods, tricks and schemes.

True and lasting satisfaction can only be attained when every aspect of your life falls into precise alignment, resonating in perfect harmony.

Note by note, we’ll write your unique symphony.

Ready to take the Red Pill?

Right-Hand Man coaching is designed for visionaries who have a desire to live an ecstatic life.


Augmented Reality.

Ontological Coaching

New perspectives create a new world all around you. Transform the way you work, learn, play, and connect.


Unplugged. Effortless. Magical.


Reduce stress and anxiety. Simple techniques and ancient wisdom, together like never before. The result are magical and becomes second-nature.


More energy. More momentum. More expression.

Somatic Therapy

Shatter the hold your past has on you. Explore the connection between mind and body. Erase unhealthy habitual thoughts and reactions.

dreams are real.jpg

Unleash your passion.

Creative Therapy

Explore the world with childlike wonder. Tap into your innate creativity. Discover your authentic voice and express it through writing, speaking, business, art and music.



Vacation meets


board room.


Find the confidence and clarity to make bold decisions. Dramatically change your life in a day.

private jet.png

Be anywhere in the world.

Online CoachinG

Design your life so you can travel freely. Find support on the move with online video coaching calls.


Little steps, BIG RESULTS.

Life Projects

Projects break your life vision into achievable milestones. Finally, you have the map to your dreams. Follow it.

beautiful house.jpg

Stay at your

cutting edge.

Full Email AccesS

Your right-hand man is always in your pocket. Get answers to urgent questions between coaching conversations with full email access.


Life in HD.

Human Development Tools

Sharpen your awareness of the things that make relationships, money, health, time, and business easy. All the things you were never taught in school.


Confidential. Easy sharing.


Have your conflicts, struggles, and shames heard with a supportive impartial view. Bring each situation to resolution. The beginning of a lifelong friendship.


All of creation is a constantly evolving masterpiece – at its core, this is the belief that drives me every single day.

Everybody has the ability to face and surpass their fears. To understand their wants and desires and translate them into true expression. To find their voice, open their lungs and unleash everything that’s inside of them.

Supporting this process - this journey of discovery - is my gift and my passion.

I see the invisible barriers that prevent people from experiencing the lasting satisfaction, success and happiness that they crave, and I give them the tools they need to leap over them.

I believe wholeheartedly in practicing what I preach, which is why I embrace the ecstatic way of living – being fun, playful, joyous, magical, mysterious, wondrous, and beautiful. I stay present, curious and humble, and spend time outdoors whenever I can, replenishing my connection to Mother Earth.

But I wasn’t always this way. Before I woke up to my true nature I was kind of a bro – chasing success and spending a lot of time and energy trying to be something that I wasn’t. All that changed when I let go of the pretense and found my true self.

It was then that I rediscovered my heart and my singing voice. That my soul was set ablaze with a boundless energy to serve others.

I hold that fire within me to this day.

Want to explore what's possible?