For most of my life I envied “rich” people.

For most of my life I envied “rich” people.

As a child, I watched my friends get new video game systems, clothes and amazing vacations. As a teen, I watched friends get beautiful new cars. As a college kid, I watched friends party their faces off while their parents picked up the tuition bill.

It didn’t seem fair to me and I often day-dreamed about being rich.

I believed that money would solve all my problems, make me happy and give me the freedom I desired.

I was so sure that being “rich” was the solution to my problems that I pursued it head on. I chose my college major (chemical engineering) because a book told me it had the highest starting salary. After graduation, I got one of the highest paying jobs of my class and I was elated! However, after a few months it seemed sub-par and I became dissatisfied. I “lived with it” for two years and then started looking for a new “better” role.

I quickly found one that paid me almost twice as much and again became dissatisfied after a few months. I believed that money was the solution to my problems and set out to find a way to make millions.

My solution: Start a company and quit my job.

My first company failed and I got into a boatload of debt. I felt trapped, ashamed and powerless to get out of it. I felt so powerless that I thought about killing myself one night.

A few weeks later, in a moment of divine intervention, I discovered my purpose on a subway bench. Hours later I was on a train to NYC to join a life coach training program.

Three years after that, I was living my dream life; running international retreats, producing cabarets, exercising daily, meeting my soulmate, and making twice as much as I ever did as an employee.

My entire life changed.

Well, almost.

As my awareness, joy and confidence grew beyond what I thought possible, one problem remained.

Money anxiety.

Anxiety based on a preposterous belief that somehow all my clients would leave me, I would go broke and end up on the street.

Despite the years of transformational and healing work, I felt powerless at times. Alone and scared like a little boy. It didn’t make any sense to me.

So I became curious.

I started seeking out a way to overcome money anxiety once-and-for-all.

I read books, watched videos and listened to teachers until I found the answer I was seeking.

I learned Universal Laws that govern existence and how to create true financial freedom.

I learned how to be at peace with my external circumstances and dramatically increase my income.

I learned how to embrace my true desires, cultivate a prosperity mindset and break free of the hold money had on me.

And best of all, in my commitment to overcoming money anxiety, I also learned how to liberate myself from my need to:

  • be liked
  • be in control
  • have security 
  • always be doing
  • numb out my feelings
  • compare myself
  • be important

The solution to money anxiety is more simple than I could have imagined.

I would love to share it with you and save you the thousands of hours I spent searching.

Money does not need to have power over you. Money anxiety can be eliminated.

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