Moving Through Stuckness

A client of mine loves to surf and travels to exotic locations around the world to enjoy his passion. He loves the challenge, the energy of the ocean and the freedom he experiences on the water.

You should see the smile that comes on his face when he talks about it.

It’s a smile you rarely saw when we started working together and it was rare that he got on his board.

He spent most of his time working and trying build the business.

He was taking action but it wasn’t creating the results he wanted. He hoped for a different future and wasn't sure how to make it happen.

He felt STUCK.

Stuckness is a feeling that occurs when you are not conscious to a different choice than the one you’ve been making over and over again.

Procrastination and confusion are symptoms of stuckness.

When you notice the symptoms, you must have the willingness to seek outside support.

Otherwise you will be doomed to continue saying,

"I will do the things I love when… 
…my business grows
…I get a new job
…I get more free time
…my kids grow up
…I’m in a good relationship
…I get in shape

These fear-based excuses can seem legitimate but when your soul is craving something and you ignore it, it breeds dissatisfaction, anxiety and anger.

You're not honoring your deepest desires and are unconsciously ignoring the Laws governing the universe.

Without words you are saying, “I do not have enough faith to pursue what I want. Please don’t align to provide me the things I desire."

Think of your life and all of your greatest accomplishments.

There have always been things outside of your control (people, nature, time) that have aligned to make it reality.

Note that these things only aligned after you truly honored your desire, chose to pursue it and took action.

Getting “un-stuck" will not happen by accident.

It’s time for some more faith-based action.

You’ve done it before and can do it again. Trust that the Law’s got your back.