All of creation is a constantly evolving masterpiece – at its core, this is the belief that drives me every single day.

Everybody has the ability to face and surpass their fears. To understand their wants and desires and translate them into true expression. To find their voice, open their lungs and unleash everything that’s inside of them.

Supporting this process - this journey of discovery - is my gift and my passion.

I see the invisible barriers that prevent people from experiencing the lasting satisfaction, success and happiness that they crave, and I give them the tools they need to leap over them.

I believe wholeheartedly in practicing what I preach, which is why I embrace the mystical way of living – I try to be the most fun, playful, joyous, magical, mysterious, wondrous, and beautiful being that I can be. I stay present, curious and humble, and spend time outdoors whenever I can, replenishing my connection to Mother Earth.

But I wasn’t always this way. Before I woke up to my true nature I was kind of a bro – chasing success and spending a lot of time and energy trying to be something that I wasn’t. All that changed when I let go of the pretense and found my true self.

It was then that I rediscovered my heart and my singing voice. That my soul was set ablaze with a boundless energy to serve others.

I hold that fire within me to this day.

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