All of creation is a constantly evolving masterpiece – at its core, this is the belief that drives me every single day.

Everybody has the ability to face and surpass their fears. To understand their wants and desires and translate them into true expression. To find their voice, open their lungs and unleash everything that’s inside of them.

Supporting this process - this journey of discovery - is my gift and my passion.

I see the invisible barriers that prevent people from experiencing the lasting satisfaction, success and happiness that they crave, and I give them the tools they need to leap over them.

I believe wholeheartedly in practicing what I preach, which is why I embrace the mystical way of living – I try to be the most fun, playful, joyous, magical, mysterious, wondrous, and beautiful being that I can be. I stay present, curious and humble, and spend time outdoors whenever I can, replenishing my connection to Mother Earth.

But I wasn’t always this way. Before I woke up to my true nature I was kind of a bro – chasing success and spending a lot of time and energy trying to be something that I wasn’t. All that changed when I let go of the pretense and found my true self.

It was then that I rediscovered my heart and my singing voice. That my soul was set ablaze with a boundless energy to serve others.

I hold that fire within me to this day.

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Experiences Of The Unleashed

Alan Samuel Cohen.jpg

ALAN SAMUEL COHEN - Executive coach, speaker, author -

My name is Alan Cohen and as a result of working with Michael, I not only started to sing again, I birthed my second book, have had record months in business, and have learned some powerful new tools to use with my own coaching clients. I also completed my certification as a recovery coach, and am leading my first sober retreat.

I am a 55 year old professional coach, living in Manhattan with my husband of 30 years, and an incorrigible Wheaton Terrier. I am a native New Yorker from a big, loving, Jewish family. I value above all things Communication, Connection, Creativity, Empathy and my ability to pretty much do anything I set my mind to achieving. I am loyal beyond words, and have committed my life to bringing joy to the world.

When I started working with Michael a year ago I had never before invested so much time and energy into a coaching relationship. To make that kind of commitment – a full year at the minimum – was in itself a significant breakthrough in trust and belief in the power of coaching.

As a coach myself I was not a novice in being coached and the coaching process. A main reason for me to choose Michael as my coach was his fearlessness , and ability to enroll people in creating something bigger in their lives.

While initially I thought that what I was hiring Michael to help me grow my business, after an extended period of stagnation, I received so much more. Through our sessions over the past year, I was able to fully explore my beliefs around money, relationships, leadership, self expression, and spirituality. I had breakthroughs in all of these areas, and as a result, had significant clarity about what I wanted to do, and who I wanted to be in the world. I had breakthroughs in leadership, as well. What I enjoyed about Mike’s process is the blend of exploring and inquiring into how I see the world, as well as committing to practices week to week to anchor new learnings and awareness. I also was introduced to an ontological process, around my way of being, which was different from other coaching styles I had been exposed to in the past.

I am proud that Michael is a significant part of my power team now, as a coach, and also friend. Michael is 20 years my junior, and yet he embodies a kind of wisdom and heart that I have rarely witnessed. He has helped me breakthrough on so many levels. I love and cherish him, and recommend him highly to anyone looking to transform their lives. My life was already good. He helped me become great!


DORIS HANLEY - franchise owner,Global Health & Lifestyle entrepreneur

I was feeling stuck and burnt out when I was introduced to Michael. I am a mother, wife, friend, business owner and entrepreneur. I’m a firm believer that you have to balance all areas of your life so I knew he was the perfect fit for me.

I learned to not be so transfixed on just my business and realized that there's lots of reasons outside of action that create “stuckness”. Our work brought a greater awareness to all areas of my life which resulted in an increase in my business. 

Michael is authentic, caring and all the things that I love in a person! He's intuitive and brings a unique mix of observations to his coaching. And because he’s a Holistic Business Coach, he's able to bring in the spirituality aspect, which might be lost with a normal business coach. As a sensitive open-hearted person, that was especially important to me.  

Dave Burns.jpg


In the four months I worked with Michael, I began writing my first book, created and taught my first 3-day course, and took a new business from 5k/month to 75k/month. 

As for the intangibles, he helped me gain a level of clarity, direction, power, play, integrity, integration, and uninhibited expression in my life that has been undeniable and profoundly impactful— in my business, my relationships, and my inner life. 

I’ll always be grateful for the work we did together, and would encourage anyone to work with him who’s looking to unite all of life into a single, coherent masterpiece. It’s possible, and this man knows how.”

Eric Hung.jpg

eric hung - founder of & pew pew tactical, investor

If you really want to know yourself better and reach your goals, hire Michael. Unless you're my competition, then definitely don't do it.

Laura Head Shot.jpg

laura jack -

One of the things that I appreciate about Michael is his seemingly effortless ability to provide support and stretch. I always felt loved and cared for, but he always pushed me out of my comfort zone. Michael was one of the first people I told when I found out I was pregnant, and he helped guide me to create a more sustainable business while I was pregnant.

Jason Harris.jpg

JASON HARRIS - Owner syn health & earth

In our very first meeting, Michael helped me design my entire lifestyle and the business I truly wanted. He helped me get clarity to start projects that I’m in love with and I now wake up feeling energized every morning. 

I used to have crippling anxiety attacks where I couldn’t do anything. But those are gone now thanks to the guidance and support of Michael. 

Our work has helped me overcome mental, emotional and physical obstacles. I’ve grown spiritually as well, meditating more and connecting openly with everyone. On top of this, I’m making THE MOST money I’ve ever made in my life! 

I’m aligned with clear goals and we’ve created step-by-step plans to achieve them. I just want to say thank you to Michael, and I want to say thank you to you for even considering working with him. I had a huge fear around doing it but sometimes when you notice resistance and fear, you know that that thing will be one of the most beneficial steps that you can take in your life.

June Wee.jpg

June wee - Life coach & artist

I always wanted to be a life coach but I didn’t think I was good enough. Within 2 weeks, I had my first 2 clients paying my dream rate and a month later I quit my  full-time job. I went from being afraid of what people will think of me to not giving a f*ck. Now I’m so happy. Michael's changed my life and I’m so glad I worked with him.

Robert Schwenkler.jpg


Our work together stretched me beyond my comfort zone and that stretching showed up in the bottom line of my business. It’s actually translating into a difference, into money in a direct way. I have a deep knowing that this growth will have a massive impact on my business and life going forward. Every conversation something incredible comes out. My confidence, vision and plan for going forward are all internally sourced. Michael helped me create a stronger foundation for who I am as a coach, a business person and man.

Jeff Glennon.jpg

jeff glennon - business consultant

I have learned and grown more than I thought I ever would over the last six months while working with Michael as my coach.
In September last year I was angry at the world, frustrated and generally feeling sorry for myself. I was in a familiar cycle. The job I was in (after some initial excitement) was depressing and work the environment was hostile. It should be noted that I was a contributor to that hostility as I found it difficult to be positive at the office. Michael helped me understand that it was up to me to change my situation and not up to the world to deliver me happiness.
He challenged me to design my own future and to create a plan to make it a reality. He helped me build on my personal strengths and to acknowledge my areas where I need to improve. It was sometimes very painful and there were times I wanted to bail on our call. Michael didn't let me off the hook that easily and called me on BS like that all the time...which I very much needed.
Michael gave me the tools to set myself up for success, to recognize when I am going off the rails and to recognize when old bad habits are creeping back in. I am in a much better place than I was when I started working with Michael. I have a plan and feel like I am in complete control of my own destiny and happiness. However, more importantly, I am starting to enjoy the journey rather than just driving to the destination in anticipation of some payoff. This "awareness” is the biggest gift that I have received from Michael.

Joe Johnson.jpg

JOe johnson - Holistic mba coach

Michael helped me go from <$1500/month to $4000 in a day! He has helped me double my rates and explode my business in just a few weeks. He empowered me to instantly increase my coaching rates and I came to know myself as much more bold and courageous than before. This enabled me to grow my business, get a girlfriend and put together a band for the first time ever! Working with Michael was a blast!

jenn smith.jpg

Jennifer smith - Senior manager global marketing at Hewlett packard enterprise

Since working with Michael a year ago, I’ve gone from an insecure person having lost her job to a confident, successful global strategy lead and passionate Pilates instructor who is debt free, has checked Australia, Iceland, Napa, Central America off her list and who is ready to move overseas. I mean putting this all down on paper in one place is really making even me see the real impact of coaching.
Is there more to achieve…hell yeah but what I love about Michael is that his optimism for your goals and achieving those is greater than yours alone and that in itself gives you motivation and the skill to keep striving to make them a reality. So onward to finding love and making CEO by age 40!
I know they say you can achieve anything you put your mind to…but coaching helps you cut through the clutter and really uncover your true self and what’s really important to your success and happiness. I encourage anyone who’s pushing against a brick wall to work with Michael – he can help you unlock doors you never saw before. XOXO

Scott Tucker.jpg

scott tucker - founder of be financially fit, speaker, author

I’m an entrepreneur and finance coach that values my independence and knowing what I’m here on earth to do. I am wacky, creative, imaginative and hungry for growth. Week in and week out I could count on Michael to be there for whatever I needed.
We got really deep into what I want out of my life and I now understand my purpose and my true self. I know what I’m here to do. I wrote a bestselling book, led virtual summits and built my business online.
There are still struggles but I honor the struggle now. I am unorganized and make stupid decisions but I have a clear path ahead of me. I live outside my comfort zone. I consider him a close friend and mentor. 

Jeff Detweiler.jpg

Jeff detweiler - bni director & executive recruiteR

To any person who seeks an opportunity to live more authentically in relationship to himself and his loved ones, or who seeks to attain his fullest potential in career, creativity, wellness or spirituality I would highly recommend the services of Michael Miller as a Coach.  Michael’s thoughtful reflections have helped me to understand the obstacles that I’ve put in place between myself and my goals.  His leadership has inspired me to adopt new ways of thinking so that my dreams can be become my reality.

Garrett Philbin.jpg

garrett philbin - founder of be awesome not broke

When I joined Michael’s program it was early on in my business and I was doing a lot of work but not getting new clients. I had a fear of reaching out to people directly, a very, I would say, intense fear of selling. I definitely didn’t want to come across as “sales-y”.
Life now is pretty sweet. My business revenue is going way up and the most important part, is the mindset shift - I am a whole lot different than where I was a year ago. Michael helped me re-frame how I saw selling selling and remove my fears of being “salesy” and "pushy". I speak from a much more genuine and authentic place about what I do that has other people become super interested in.


danny madaroski - life coach

Working with Michael was a life changing experience. His ability to see and stand for my greatness amongst growing circumstances that felt impossible to overcome, Michael (through his love, being and powerful questioning), was able to facilitate greater awareness around the survival habits I had built up over the years, which would be the catalyst for bringing about the transformation.

I became empowered doing something I’m passionate about which was only a distant dream and something I would talk about doing someday beforehand.

I now consider Michael my coach, friend and someone I truly respect and love and I thank him for coming into my life.

greg prasker.jpg

Greg Prasker - The modern shaman

When I met Michael I'd been a hypnotist for about five years and it had never taken off. I was that guy that thought, "What do I need a coach for? I know everything I need to know. I'm guided by spirit."  

But something drew me to work with him. See I couldn't work with a regular business coach. I'm super spiritual, so someone has to be intuitive. They have to be tapping into my spirit guides, their spirit guides, and that's just what he did. 

He helped me realize that my business wasn't about hypnosis, it was about me. It wasn't about selling people my service. It was about building a relationship with them and selling the relationship.

It was about being my authentic self. When I found spirituality, I gave everything up and then I realized I wasn't being myself. Michael taught me to be just that. Everything just shifted when I started being authentic. Everything has taken off since that day. I have started my own CBD oil company, my shamanic and mindset work practice has taken off and I owe a huge deal of gratitude to Michael Miller. If you're thinking about it... if you're a stuck or you want to take your business to the next level, he's your guy. So amazing and I'm completely grateful. Ah-Ho and namaste to all!



I was a skeptic about coaching. I was someone who was too busy with my daily hustle to think about anything other than responding to all the emails in my inbox. I was working as fast and hard as I possibly could, and believed that going 110% was the only way to get me where I wanted to be.  I took my first call with Michael in the elevator of my office building, on the way to my next meeting. When he asked me what my Purpose was, I realized that I didn't have a clue. It was obvious from our first call that I could greatly benefit from a partnership in my own self development. The calls that followed have been an exploration into finding more meaning and purpose, learning how to live more from my heart, learning how to challenge myself and grow. Mike has pushed me to express myself more, not only through taking more risks, but through encouraging self expression trough participation in singing and the arts. I've been introduced to many new ideas as well as organizations that have helped me grow my business and think in ways I never though possible. Michael is a true friend, and someone I know I will always be able to count on. He in genuine, sincere, warm and has a huge heart.