After crashing a neighbor's snow-machine into a telephone pole, Michael was forced into his first job to repay the debt. He spent the summer at the man's brick masonry, being paid $25 for every pallet of 500 bricks he chipped clean. This miserable experience inspired his quest to achieve financial freedom. A quest that began with chemical engineering, moved on to tech entrepreneurship and almost ended as a professional speaker.

2 years into his entrepreneurial career, he was so overwhelmed with the workload and mounting debt that he contemplated suicide. However, his faith helped him to persevere and he began an intense 5-year study of ontological life coaching, mindfulness, and personal development. His own experience and work with hundreds of business owners birthed his "Daring Mindset" process. A process designed to empowers entrepreneurs to take more bold risks, have more impact and make more money.

He relates to himself as an artist and has committed his life to mastering the art of human transformation. He's a coach, author, speaker, international retreat leader, meditation teacher and for fun has produced and acted in off-off-broadway shows. 

Michael's core mission is to expand the consciousness of as many people as possible by ending the plague of perfectionism. He liberate leaders from their subconscious mind so they can become prosperous, create masterpieces and serve as many people possible.

One of the best ways he knows to do this is through personal conversation.