Some people want to be rich. Some want to be famous. Others want to be more mindful and present in the moment. There’s nothing wrong with these goals, but when our focus is narrow, our results are narrow too.

I want you to open your eyes a little wider. 

Finding true, lasting satisfaction is about exploring every aspect of who you are, understanding what you want from life, recognizing what’s holding you back and why. It’s about looking at your world holistically, objectively, and without fear, then implementing strategies and techniques tailored specifically to you.

I’m here to help you do these things and more.

Your extraordinary life is just around the corner. The happier and more confident you. Fulfilled, successful, and full of passion. 

Between here and there is a journey.

And on that journey, we will craft the tools you need to live the life that makes your soul sing.


Dave Burns| The Business Monk

“In the four months I worked with Michael, I began writing my first book, created and taught my first 3-day course, and took a new business from 5k/month to 75k/month. As for the intangibles, he helped me gain a level of clarity, direction, power, play, integrity, integration, and uninhibited expression in my life that has been undeniable and profoundly impactful— in my business, my relationships, and my inner life. I’ll always be grateful for the work we did together, and would encourage anyone to work with him who’s looking to unite all of life into a single, coherent masterpiece. It’s possible, and this man knows how.”

Explore your dreams. Examine your aspirations. Let go of your negativity.

Many things prevent us from breaking out and living our own extraordinary lives. For some people it’s family, for others it’s a lack of money or confidence, clarity or drive. If we let them, these things can rule us, dictating our decisions and stifling our growth.

I want to help you change that. To be the guy in your corner coaching, guiding, and inspiring - your Right-Hand Man.

Let me show you how to find balance in your life. More success. More fun and more freedom. Less stress and more free time. Better, stronger relationships. Work that fulfills you, unleashes you.

These things can all be yours.

And all you have to do?