I want you to think about this: What do you want ACCESS to?

You desire a financially successful business because it gives you access. Access to new experience, lifestyle, freedom, travel, health, significance, passion, networks, and art.

Currently there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be. You aren't willing to sacrifice your values or your lifestyle to make more sales. You know that the solution lies within. 

I get it. I've searched for the answers.

Let me show you how to find them by training your conscious mind and developing a Daring Mindset. You can change your thinking and overcome lack, limitation and self doubt. In less than a month you can charge more than you ever have, make more and have more free time.



Want more WEALTH?


Dave Burns| The Business Monk

“In the four months I worked with Michael, I began writing my first book, created and taught my first 3-day course, and took a new business from 5k/month to 75k/month. As for the intangibles, he helped me gain a level of clarity, direction, power, play, integrity, integration, and uninhibited expression in my life that has been undeniable and profoundly impactful— in my business, my relationships, and my inner life. I’ll always be grateful for the work we did together, and would encourage anyone to work with him who’s looking to unite all of life into a single, coherent masterpiece. It’s possible, and this man knows how.”

Alan Cohen | Executive Coach and Speaker

"Through our work over the past year I was able to fully examine my beliefs around money, relationships, leadership, self expression, and spirituality – areas I had never really delved into in the past. I had breakthroughs in all of these areas, and as a result, had significant clarity about what I wanted to do, and become in the world. As a result of working with Michael, I not only started to sing again, I birthed my second book, have had record months in business, and have learned some powerful new tools to use with my own coaching clients. He has helped me breakthrough on so many levels. I recommend him highly to anyone looking to transform their lives. My life was already good. He helped me become great!"


Want more SUCCESS?


Want more FREEDOM?

June Wee.jpg

June Wee-Grant | Life Coach

"I always wanted to be a life coach but I didn’t think I was good enough. Within 2 weeks, I had my first 2 clients paying my dream rate and a month later I quit my  full-time job. I went from being afraid of what people will think of me to not giving a f*ck. Now I’m so happy. Michael's changed my life and I’m so glad I worked with him." 

Scott Tucker |Founder of Be Financially Fit

“I’m an entrepreneur and finance coach that values my independence and knowing what I’m here on earth to do. I am wacky, creative, imaginative and hungry for growth. Week in and week out I could count on Michael to be there for whatever I needed.
We got really deep into what I want out of my life and I now understand my purpose and my true self. I know what I’m here to do. I wrote a bestselling book, led virtual summits and built my business online.
There are still struggles but I honor the struggle now. I am unorganized and make stupid decisions but I have a clear path ahead of me. I live outside my comfort zone. I consider him a close friend and mentor. ”



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